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Costs Of Owning A Pet in Malaysia

tatiana rodriguez V2k xw miO0 unsplashWondering about the costs of owning a pet in Malaysia? Bringing a pup or kitty into your home requires some serious planning and preparation. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or a plan that you’ve been considering for some time, becoming a pet owner is all about commitment and love.

To decide if raising pets is a good fit for your existing lifestyle, many factors must be considered, e.g. the place you are staying, your environment, your work schedule, your commitments and many more. Nothing is more irresponsible than bringing a pet home only to discover that you are unable to meet its needs and ensure its well-being.

thomas park On6bRQRn5lY unsplashThe costs of owning a pet in Malaysia also varies depending on the breed, size and health requirements of the pet. Other needs such as grooming and medical check-ups add to the bill as well. An alternative such as adopting from an animal shelter is one of the best and affordable ways to provide shelter dogs or cats with a new home, and at a fraction of the price of buying a pet from a pet store.

Now let’s get down to crunching some numbers on the costs of owning a pet in Malaysia.

The Basics

mathew coulton q9iyCG7FRmQ unsplashYou could always find a good bargain for pet essentials with online shopping nowadays or nip around your local pet stores and compare prices. Being well-prepared before getting a pet is a good idea; you don’t want to be running to a pet store for supplies in the middle of the night, would you?

Here’s a list of pet essentials that every first-time pet owner needs for their pet:

Basic Pet Equipment:

  • Pet Food: RM50 – RM200 per month

If you’re going all out with premium pet food brands, it would certainly be double the costs.

  • Food & Water Bowl: RM5 – RM15 each (fancy ones can go up to a few hundred ringgit)

You could even skip buying these items if you have extra bowls in the house that are suitable for your pet to use.

  • Pet Collar: RM5 – RM10

You can get a decent pet collar with just a fiver, or you could go fancy if your budget allows it.

  • Leash: RM10 – RM15
  • Soap/shampoo: RM30
  • Brush: RM5

For Training and Play:

  • Pet Treats: RM5 – RM15
  • Pet Toys: RM5 – RM15

Medical Costs:

  • Vaccination: RM50 – RM100 per vaccine
  • Deworming: RM10 – RM20 per tablet
  • Heartworm prevention: RM15 per month (tablet)

Other optional items that your pet might need:

  • Pet Travel Carrier: RM35 (small-sized) – RM 100 (large-sized)

Prices may vary according to size.

  • Pet Bed: RM25 – RM30 (enough to get a decent-sized and comfy one)

kobi kadosh q6 CCxCnFbc unsplashThe initial costs might set you back by roughly RM300, while recurring expenses such as pet food can cost up to RM50 – RM200 per month, but the costs also depend on the quality of the pet food and the dietary requirements of your pet. 

Owning a pet can doesn’t come cheap, but with good planning and dedication, it’s fully manageable and rewarding. Pets are loyal lifelong companions that bring joy and fun to your life, so it’s important that you give the best care to your pet to keep it healthy and happy always.


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