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JoJo Pets aims to create a pet-friendly workplace where everyone feels included and able to unleash their full paw-tential!

Available Paw-sitions

Working Space

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Innovation, big ideas, and community are at the heart of our workspace.

JoJo Pets Moments

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JoJo Pets is the first pet taxi mobile app in Malaysia with the aim of building a better world for pets. At JoJo Pets, we immerse ourselves in the world of cute animals and brainstorm marketing strategies, run our day-to-day business with lovely images of animals, and build a platform for pet owners to treat their pets better. This is an honor for us to be able to serve the pets community.

About JoJo Pets

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We train regular drivers to become professional pet handling drivers and connect these drivers to professional service providers via a single-app solution. JoJo Pets aims to be a leading global brand icon by 2030 with the most helpful pet care super app in the world.

Day-to-day at JoJo

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The successful candidate will operate and execute day-to-day in the office, interact with fellow team members and create a friendly, open and passionate working environment.

Our Popular Jobs Category

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Jobs in JOJO

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Human Resource Development

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Market Place Assistant Manager

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Pets Taxi Service Assistant Manager

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Explore Our Pet Taxi App

The all-in-one pet app that brings pet owners and providers together. Get unlimited access to a variety of pet services, near or far. Maximum convenience, maximum satisfaction

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