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Meet Our Drivers


Experience: I have been joined JoJo more than a year. I am also partially a pet rescuer before joining JoJo, selling pet products, and having a long-time passion in pet treatments. In JoJo, they taught me the most effective way of dog communication by how to get their trust, make them feel comfortable during very rides.

Specialty: Proper dog leashing and lifting method is a basic requirement. Aside from that, we will need to encounter emergency, sick pet, and injury pet, by how to handle them safely to their destination. Perhaps it's an easy for me to handle for the reason of the rescue of many small pets at home, so the aura or scent is quite pleasant or friendly to those furry babies.


Experience: I’ve worked as a part time handler driver in JoJo for about 11 months, I’m responsible to transport pet safely and comfortable to various destinations includes vets appointment, grooming salons, daycare centers, etc. By ensuring my car is pet-friendly, I’m fully equipped with all handler driver kit provided by JoJo such as crates, carriers, seat covers, pet friendly disinfectant, etc.

Specialty: I’m quite outstanding from various type of pet handling after these while working with JoJo. Aside from training provided by JoJo, strong communication skills are essential for effective coordination with pet owners. Listening to owner’s instruction and concerns; updates on demand situation to the team are what we do in the normal day. Being able to handle difficult situations or anxious pet owners with empathy is also important.


Experience: I have been joined JoJo Pets since August 2021. Previously worked as Zoo Keeper in Mini Zoo, Kuala Lumpur. Being a Zoo keeper, we are educated to be empathy, patience, sensitivity to pet’s activities, providing with proper animal handling and knowledge, safeguarding and effective animal communication. Soon, I have found myself a more suitable position which was to traveling with all lovely pets in JoJo.

Specialty: A pet lovers with deep passion. Well-trained to handle pet by analyzing their position, eye-contact, mode, behaviors, etc. There’ve been once I met a case which the pet dog suffering emergency breathing issues, I utilized injury carrier mat to lift up the pet dog into my car, comfort him with soft tones speaking until I arrive the emergency veterinary.



Experience: I have been joined JoJo since April 2022. Working as handler driver in JoJo Pets is superb, truly a wonderful time working here. I used to work as a sales person which must interact with peoples previously, but this time in JoJo, I must deal with these furry animals, which to me, is a very great challenge for me in every single order.

Specialty: My specialty in dealing all my orders are always efficiency and safety. Before entering to work field, I was taught to understand pet’s behavior by a skilled professional pet trainer, this knowledge allowed me to observe and handle any types of pets in my daily duties.

How do we Train our Pet Drivers?

At JoJo Pets, our drivers undergo specialized training to ensure the highest level of pet care and safety. From beginner to advanced levels, our comprehensive training programs equip drivers with the skills needed to provide exceptional service.

Entry Training

• Focus on animal behavior, pet safety management

• Assessing the physical and emotional state of pets

• Emphasize proper techniques for safely getting a dog into the car

• Mandatory for all first-time applicants before accepting orders

• Selection of the best candidates for the position of pet driver

Dog Taxi
Trained Pet Taxi Driver


• Enhance skills in lifting dogs of different sizes, including injured and pregnant dogs

• Transfer dogs with care using appropriate methods and tools

• Further ensures expertise in handling pets during travel

Advanced Training

• Comprehensive first aid training for pets

• Skills include handling injured pets, stopping bleeding, and bandaging fractures

• Drivers receive a certificate of completion and a first aid kit

• Pet owners are encouraged to accompany their pets during trips.

Comprehensive first aid training for pets