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Pet Guide

How to Leash Train a Puppy

How to Leash Train a Puppy? Image credit: Pexels.com Many new puppy owners often believe their puppies are untrainable, but this is far from the truth. Puppies are naturally energetic and easily distracted, making it challenging for them to learn commands quickly. It’s easy for owners to become discouraged during the training process. However, it’s […]

How Long Do Pet Sugar Gliders Sleep

How Long Do Pet Sugar Gliders Sleep? Sugar gliders are primarily nocturnal creatures. They sleep during the day and become active at night, mainly to find food and avoid potential predators. Therefore, it is quite common to observe pet sugar gliders sleeping throughout the day, especially when they are kept as pets. This nocturnal behaviour […]

Top 8 Pet-Friendly Cafes in Penang 2023

Top 8 Pet-Friendly Cafes in Penang 2023 Penang has a famous reputation for its delicious cuisine, and now it’s gaining recognition for its charming pet cafes too! For pet owners who enjoy spending quality time with their furkids and socialising with friends, these pet-friendly cafes and trendy restaurants are an absolute dream come true. Here, […]

Can a Pet Sugar Glider Live Alone

Can a Pet Sugar Glider Live Alone? The question of whether a pet sugar glider can live alone doesn’t have a straightforward answer. It primarily depends on the level of interaction and the personality of the specific pet sugar glider, as well as its comfort level when being with its owner. When a pet sugar […]

What Is Sugar Glider Ick

What Is Sugar Glider Ick Sugar gliders are popular for their unique vocalizations and soft fur. However, a syndrome known as “sugar glider ick” has been increasingly observed among these marsupials. This condition, more accurately described as a syndrome, is characterized by various symptoms, with the most noticeable change in the appearance of the sugar […]

Dog Park Etiquette Tips for Pet Owners

Dog Park Etiquette Tips for Pet Owners Dog parks offer wonderful opportunities for bonding with your furry friend, promoting socialization, and providing an outlet for their excess energy. However, encountering situations like a nervous pup hiding under a bench or overly exuberant play can pose challenges. Explore the following guidelines for practicing excellent dog park […]

Common Sugar Glider Diseases

Common Sugar Glider Diseases Sugar gliders, known for their cute and small appearance, are popular exotic and pocket pets worldwide, although their domestic ownership is prohibited in some states and countries. Unfortunately, these adorable marsupials are susceptible to several illnesses. To ensure the long-term health and happiness of your pet sugar glider, it’s essential to […]

Can Pet Sugar Gliders Get Fleas

Can Pet Sugar Gliders Get Fleas? (Plus Tips to Prevent Fleas) A pet owner’s worst nightmare is to discover that their pet has parasites or fleas. Despite the fact that fleas are commonly associated with dogs and cats, pet sugar gliders can also be affected by these irritating insects. In fact, pet sugar gliders can […]

10 Signs Your Dog is Happy

10 Signs Your Dog is Happy As dog owners, we all strive to ensure our dogs are happy. Interpreting your dog’s body language can help you gauge their mood and wellbeing. However, since dogs cannot communicate with us in human language, it can be challenging to discern what they are truly feeling. Some dog breeds […]