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Important Road Safety Tips for Pet Travel in Malaysia

6 Road Safety Tips for Pet Travel in Malaysia

6 Road Safety Tips for Pet Travel in Malaysia

6 Road Safety Tips for Pet Travel in Malaysia

Enjoy taking pets on short outings, family visits, errands, vacations, or sometimes for just a short drive to grab a quick bite together? As much as we enjoy the rides with our fur babies, staying safe is equally important. Pet travel in Malaysia can be enjoyable with the right safety measures.

Here are six useful safety tips on pet travel in Malaysia:

1. Keep Your Pet Restrained

Safety Tips for Travelling with your Dog

Driving a car with your pet jumping and climbing around isn’t safe for you or for your pet. They can go under your feet, jump on the dashboard, or on your lap and become a deadly distraction. Pets can also get injured or escape from the vehicle if there’s an accident.

A carrier in which your pet is strapped securely to the seat with a seatbelt or similar anchoring device is the most secure way for your pet to travel. Make sure the carrier is large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Invest in pet travel equipment such as harnesses, carriers and other pet travel products to keep your pet restrained and safe.

2. Take the Backseat

Why Backseat is best for your Pet

Having your pet in the front seat can be fun and cute, but this can cost the pet its life if an airbag gets deployed. Airbags are a great safety feature in cars, but can hurt or kill your pet if you have an accident with them in the front seat. So it’s ideal for pets to stay in the back seat.

3. Keep Your Pet Away From the Window While Driving

Why should you keep Your Pet Away From the Window While Driving

Pets enjoy sticking their heads or paws out the window to feel the breeze, which leaves them exposed to dangerous debris that can cause injury, as well as risks of getting respiratory illnesses. Be cautious if you have power windows. Your pet may accidentally open and close them by simply tapping the button with its paws. This is very dangerous since they might close the window on their neck and choke.

You won’t have to worry if you’re following tip #1.

4. Keep a First Aid Kit in Your Vehicle

First Aid Kit for pet

This is important for both you and your pet! Always be prepared.

5. Do Not Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

Do Not Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

Always keep an eye on your pet in the car, especially on hot days in Malaysia. Even if you leave the window slightly open while running errands, your pet is still at high risk of heatstroke. In fact, regardless of the weather, it’s better not to leave your pet alone in the car.

6. Take Breaks during Long Drives

Take Breaks during Long Drives

If you’re going on a long road trip with your pet, remember to stop at regular intervals to allow your pet to stretch, move around, and relieve itself. It will not only keep them happy, but it will also make you feel better and enjoy the ride more.

Keep your pet and yourself safe so you can enjoy every beautiful moment of pet travel in Malaysia together!

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