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Getting A Pet Camera: What You Should Know & Look For

Getting A Pet Camera: What You Should Know & Look For

What You Should Know & Look For When Buying Pet Camera

Pet cameras are great tools to monitor your pets while you are out of the house, even if you have a pet sitter watching over your pet, a pet camera is a very useful device to see how your pet is doing. Pet cameras have become increasingly common in households across the globe. With so many options available, pet owners can conduct research and take a few tests to determine what type is best for them. These devices are often equipped with a microphone so you can monitor your pet and capture photos or footage to be used in case your pet has any behavioural problems.

Here are some benefits of getting a pet camera and what you should know about it.

Pet Cameras Can Help You Interact with Your Pet

How Pet Cameras Can Help You Interact with Your Pet

Some pet cameras allow you to communicate with your pet through a speaker. If you notice your dog or cat is agitated or stressed, you can speak to them to calm them down. You can also distract your cat if you notice it scratching on your furniture. Instead of diving right in and using the pet camera for a few hours, we recommend starting with a few minutes at a time and gradually increasing the duration.

You can also find pet cameras that can throw treats to your dog or cat, as well as ones that let your cat play with a laser pointer. They can be used to keep your pet entertained or to reward them for good behaviour.

Pet Cameras Can Help You Capture Special Moments

Using Pet Cameras to Help You Capture Special Moments

You might find that your pet camera can capture some of the funniest and most candid pictures or recordings of your pet and its antics, which can be perfect for your Facebook or your pet’s Instagram posts.

Pet Cameras Can Help You Monitor Your Pet’s Behaviour

Monitoring your pet can help you gain insight into its behavior and any underlying issues that may exist. Does your dog seem stressed or whiny? What about their body language? Do they move around anxiously? The use of a pet camera makes it possible for you to better understand your pet’s behavior, which can be very helpful in addressing your pet’s needs.

How to Monitor Your Pets Behavior

Is your dog displaying signs of separation anxiety? By saving the photos and footage from the pet camera, you can provide your dog behaviour therapist or veterinarian with material to examine.

What to Look for When Getting a Pet Camera

There are a few key things, or features to keep an eye out for when scouting for a new pet camera to watch over your dog, or cat.

Let’s start this by pointing out that a pet camera is not much different from a smart camera, you don’t need to pay for extra features (unless you are looking to get specific pet features like a treat dispenser, or something).

Some smart Wi-Fi cameras work great as pet cameras as long as you are able to select the right features, and handle the configurations.

We’ll cover all the features to look for when buying yourself a new pet camera, so keep reading to find out:

Two-Way Audio Feature

The most basic requirement, or feature, of any pet camera is two-way audio. As a pet owner who adores your dog or cat, you will undoubtedly want to communicate with them while you are away.

Getting a pet camera with two-way audio is a great place to start when it comes to caring for your dog while you’re away because you can see and talk to it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Zoom, Pan, and Tilt Feature

This is a fantastic feature that pet cameras have. It’s great because you can move or rotate the camera view (often up to 355 degrees), allowing you to comfortably see every corner of the room.

Fixed cameras are fine, but they don’t give you the option of viewing the room from any angle at any time.

Remote Viewing Feature

It is a standard feature of most pet cameras these days, but you should still double check to make sure before making your purchase. With this feature, you would be able to easily connect to your pet camera via an app from anywhere you are, as long as you have a good and stable internet connection.

However, if you wish this feature to last, you might want to steer clear of cheap varieties and invest in a real and quality device instead.

Abnormal Noise/Bark Detection Feature

You can set your device to receive an alert whenever the sound of your dog barking is detected using this abnormal noise/bark detection feature. If your dog barks, you’ll be notified right away, allowing you to investigate the problem and take necessary action, such as talking to it or using other means.

While this is a wonderful feature, it might not be a feature available in every pet camera, so you should check to see if it is included before purchasing one.

Recording Feature

Each pet camera should have some form of recording function – the footage could be backed up to the cloud, or it could be saved to an SD card. You can use this to keep track of all pet activity throughout the day, and it is very handy for home security.

The next time you come home and find a huge mess in the room, you can simply go through the recordings and find out which pet is responsible.

Night Vision Feature

The night vision feature is an essential feature if you’re the type of pet owner who works late nights, or just like to occasionally spend the evening out. Several brands of pet cameras come with infrared lights so you can view your pets even at night.

Motion Trackers and Alerts Feature

Some cameras with zoom, pan, and tilt features come with motion trackers. This feature automatically moves the camera around the room to follow your pet. Having this feature would work exceptionally well with a camera that has the capability to record, so you could view what your pet is doing at all times.

Additionally, you could use this feature to trigger alerts of your pet’s movement whenever it enters or leaves a specific area. This is especially useful if you have a room in your home that your pet is not allowed to enter.

With the help of technology, we can now take better care of our pets. And these tools are only becoming more intelligent, sophisticated, and useful. But keep in mind that a pet camera is only a fun addition to your home; it is never a substitute for time, attention, play, or walks with your pets.

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