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Pet Guide

Pet Taxi in Malaysia

Pet Taxi in Malaysia A pet taxi service in Malaysia like JoJo Pets can come in handy if you have to work all day and aren’t available to drive your pet to its appointments. By using pet taxi services like JoJo Pets, you won’t have to miss out on important meetings or deliberately take leave […]

Dealing With Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety

Dealing With Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety Pet stress and pet anxiety is a cause for concern as it directly affects the mental and emotional health of pets. It’s impossible for pet owners to control pet stress or pet anxiety without first recognizing the signs. Stress and anxiety can appear differently in pets, while dogs […]

Why Pet Grooming Is Important

Why Pet Grooming Is Important Regular pet grooming isn’t just simply about making your pet look better, it’s essential to your pet’s health! Every pet has different grooming needs. Below are some important facts of grooming for your pet’s health. 1. Nail Care Pet Grooming Service Trimming your pet’s nails is extremely important. If you do not […]

Pet Hotels in Malaysia

Pet Hotels in Malaysia: A Paw-Rent’s Lifesaver Pet hotels in Malaysia is a booming industry, catering to the growing demands of pet owners who want their pets to be well taken care of while they are away, especially during festive seasons. The range of services offered by pet hotels in Malaysia include daycare, dog walking […]

Dental Care for Pets in Malaysia

Dental Care for Pets in Malaysia: Why Is It So Important Pet dental care in Malaysia needs more awareness, it’s important that pets have good dental health, just as it is for humans. Unfortunately, pets seldom receive the proper dental care that is needed, which can lead to severe problems, such as periodontal disease. Seeking out […]