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How to train your Puppy

Basic Puppy Training

Basic Puppy Training

Basic Puppy Training

So you’ve finally got yourself a puppy and now you’re all fired up to start giving some basic puppy training! If this is your first time as a pet owner, you might be a little lost at where to start, but hey, no worries, we’ll walk you through some puppy knowledge and basic puppy training tips.

When Is the Right Time to Train Your Puppy?

Basic puppy training begins as soon as you bring your puppy home, which is usually around the age of 8 weeks old. Puppies at this age can start learning basic puppy training cues like: Sit, Stay and Come.

Basic Puppy Training Tips

Positive Reinforcement in Basic Puppy Training

Basic Puppy Training

In positive reinforcement, you give a reward to encourage a behavior you want. Punishment using correcting devices such as shock, choke, and prong collars; and dominance-based handling techniques should never be used as it can produce long-term psychological effects that result in various forms of fear and anxiety for your dog in its adult years.

Learn which rewards your puppy responds to best. Training with a piece of normal dog kibble might be enough for some puppies, but other puppies might need something more delicious, like special training treats.

Puppy Training Tips

Also, there are puppies who don’t respond to food at all, so try finding a favourite toy that can be used as a reward for them when they do a great job. Positive reinforcement can also be provided through praise. Basic puppy training can be just as simple as patting or showing enthusiasm and saying, “Good job.”

Keep Basic Puppy Training Sessions Short

Keep the sessions around 5 minutes each, and aim for a total of 15 minutes each day when training a basic cue. Puppies have short attention spans, so it’s important to wrap up each session on a positive note to keep them coming back for more!

Consistency in Basic Puppy Training

Consistency in Basic Puppy Training

It’s crucial to maintain consistency in your approach to cues and training. When teaching your puppy basic signals like sit, stay, and come, remember to always use the same phrase and/or hand gesture.

Most importantly, reinforce desired behavior on a consistent basis, even when it is not convenient. If your puppy is at the door needing to take a pee or poop outside, stop what you’re doing and let them out. Make sure to reward them for going outside to do their business.

Practice Basic Puppy Training in Different Environments

Ways to train your puppy

Puppy training at a new location, such as a park or the beach, is very different from puppy training at home. The reason is because their eyes and noses will be exposed to a wide range of sights and smells outside of home.

Try training in different environments to build up your dog’s confidence in any situation. Please bear in mind that puppies should not be taken to places with a lot of dogs until they have completed their puppy vaccination series!

Patience in Basic Puppy Training

All puppies are unique and learn at different speeds, so stay patient and don’t give up. Keeping a consistent routine with feeding, potty breaks, naps, and playtime will help your puppy feel secure. A puppy who feels secure will always be ready to learn.

Patience in Basic Puppy Training

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