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Dealing With Dog Stress and Pet Anxiety

Dealing With Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety

Dealing With Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety

Dealing With Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety

Pet stress and pet anxiety is a cause for concern as it directly affects the mental and emotional health of pets. It’s impossible for pet owners to control pet stress or pet anxiety without first recognizing the signs. Stress and anxiety can appear differently in pets, while dogs might bark or howl excessively, cats might become reclusive and start hiding themselves.

Common signs that pets are suffering from pet stress and pet anxiety are:

● Displays of unusual / compulsive behaviour
● Extremely vigilant / sensitive
● Incontinence issues
● A lot of shedding
● Change in eating habits

Pet stress and pet anxiety is real, but there are ways to help control it.

Tips to Reduce Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety:

Be There For Your Pet

Tips to Reduce Pet Stress and Pet Anxiety

If your pet appears to be anxious or stressed, spend time with them or set aside some time to play with them. Playing with your pets also helps them to exercise and stay mentally stimulated.

Switch to a Different Diet

Switch to a Different Diet

Make small changes to your pet’s diet and see if it helps them feel better, simply ask your local pet store for advice or try a slightly different option to start with; you can try different brands of wet and dry pet food and see if your cat or dog responds positively to it.

Get Some New Toys

Toys for Pet

Finding the right pet toy depends on your pet’s size and activity level. For example, soft squeaky toys are great for gentle pets but may not be suitable for high energy pets. Treat toys are great for both cats and dogs, as they are not only fun but also rewarding.

Schedule for a Visit to the Vet

If your pet still exhibits signs of stress or anxiety after trying everything, it is advisable to see a vet for evaluation. Sometimes there may be underlying reasons for pet stress and pet anxiety issues. Visiting a vet can help identify the root cause and find a suitable treatment for it.

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