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How Often Should Your Pet Visit The Veterinarian

How Often Should Your Pet Visit The Veterinarian

How Often Should Your Pet Visit The Veterinarian?

When Should Your Pet Visit The Veterinarian

Regular visits to the veterinarian ensures your pet stays healthy, but how often should you take your pet to the veterinarian? This depends on whether your pets need a routine check-up and vaccinations, whether there are existing health issues, or if you have noticed anything abnormal.

The number of veterinarian visits your pet needs also depends on their age, breed, health and lifestyle.

Puppies and Kittens

Veterinarian for Pets

Puppies or kittens need monthly veterinarian visits until they’re 4 months old. During this period, they’ll need regular vaccinations and to check for other illnesses. In most cases, this means a monthly visit for a few months followed by a visit every three months. The veterinarian will also examine your pet during these months to make sure they are growing properly and do not show any signs of illness.

Adult Dogs and Cats

The age of an adult dog or cat is one to seven years. Depending on your veterinarian, they may recommend an annual or bi-annual checkup. Your veterinarian will also weigh your pet by comparing its weight with the average weight of its breed. You might be advised to control your pet’s weight since obesity can lead to health problems as they get older.

Senior Dogs and Cats

How Often Should Your Pet Visit The Veterinarian

Dogs and cats are considered seniors once they turn eight years old. They are more sensitive to certain illnesses and tend to have health issues. Vision problems, joint pain, and weight gain are all common signs of aging in dogs and cats. Checks will be done by the veterinarian to detect for tumours or bone problems. Your veterinarian may prescribe certain medications to help manage pain or treat diseases in your pet. Once your pet reaches the age of eight, your veterinarian will let you how often you should bring your pet for check-ups.

Emergency Veterinary Care

Your dog or cat should be taken to an emergency veterinarian if it shows signs of swollen or hard abdomen, difficulty breathing, bloody vomit or bloody stools, or vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours. If your pet ingests anything toxic such as rat poison, household cleaner, etc., you should take them to the veterinarian immediately without delay.

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